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Georgia Azerbaijan visa in Batumi, GE

Well, had I known before I wouldn’t have wasted all that time and money in Paris!

While the consulate in Paris was requesting a Visa support which I had to pay EUR 40, the Batumi consulate of Azerbaijan does not request it. And it issues visas in 2 or 3 days…

It took me at least 10 days and numerous journeys across Paris on my bicycle…

Let this be known!


Georgia Take a Walk on the Wild Track

Today I went to visit the Gelati church outside Kutaisi.

On the minibus I noticed this remarkable level crossing. I walked back to it from the church, and eventually walked along the track all the way back to Kutaisi.

The track was apparently still in use, and there was a man to operate the level crossing…

Train fans, here’s a selection of the pictures I took.

Georgia Petit lexique du jargon du voyage

Ayant travaillé dans le secteur du transport et des voyages, j’utilise un jargon, des abréviations, et des formulations qui ne sont pas toujours faciles à comprendre pour tout le monde. Parce que je les utilise aussi régulièrement dans mon blog, comme dans la vie courante, voici un petit lexique pour vous aider à décoder… Continue reading

Otogar in Corlu, Turkey

Turkey Changement de décor

A peine une centaine de kilomètre de la Bulgarie, et le décor change radicalement.

Deux cultures, deux langues, deux peuples radicalement différents. Ces différences marquent plus quand on voyage en bus qu’en avion. L’aéroport, le vol marquent une telle frontière qu’on est préparé à attérir dans un monde différent. Avec le bus, chaque kilomètre compte. On ne parcours pas une distance folle et le contraste à l’arrivée est d’autant plus frappant.

The beach in Burgas (I'm hiding the ice cream...!)

Bulgaria Bus from Burgas, BG to Istanbul, TR

Nisikli Travel runs three daily buses from Varna to Istanbul. I was boarding one of them in Burgas at 1300. It takes 7 hours to get to IST. The company Metro also operates the same route. Metro leaves from the Burgas train station, but Nisikli leaves from another place a 10-minute walk away from the station. This is what is a little annoying when you buy the ticket on the Nisikli website. They tell you the routes by city names, but there is no mention as where exactly the bus station is. So good luck finding it, and hope pray it’s not at the other end of the city from your origin/destination. Continue reading