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Bulgaria Чалга

Chalga! This is the most popular music here in Bulgaria!

It’s a blend of Balkan, Turkish, Arabic influences. But mainly, it’s commercial popular dance music for bars, clubs, radio.

This is the music that will put the dancefloor on fire on a Saturday night on the black sea coast this summer. Since the 1980s, this music has grown more and more popular each year, evolving with trends, integrating some rap and hip-hop influences.

All the locals I have met litteraly hate chalga…

There’s a good thing about this music: “Chalga could also deal openly with more provocative displays of sex, money, gay culture. Azis, a gay icon played a great role in popularizing the genre internationally as a typical Bulgarian music.” (in Wikipedia article)

There are many websites and radio stations dedicated to Chalga. If you would like to dive deeper into Chalga Music, you could start with those:

Chalga Tube

Radio Veselina


Romania Cluj Napoca to Bucharest train

Just another 9-hour train ride… the third since I left France, and this is just the beginning!

This one was really tiring. First because the train was a lot more crowded than the other ones, and then because I was really hot! There was air conditioning, but it was hot, and no possibility to open the window, and no air circulation, so that made it horribly uncomfortable…

The train left à 10:30 and arrived at 19:25 in Bucharest, North station. It was perfectly on time. It cost around EUR 30, which my host in Cluj thought was outrageously expensive compared to the average wage in Romania.

They were selling drinks and snacks on board, but no coffee. :(

Mobile phone plans are not too expensive here, so people are on the phone most of the time. And they are very, very loud. So loud they almost wouldn’t need a phone to be heard from the other side of the country. Burt hey, I guess this is cultural…

They scenery all along the way was very rural. Lots of very small villages, with tiny houses and lovely roofs. I loved the roofs in Romania, and I would have loved to have the time to make a photo series just on that. There were some forests and fields. I didn’t see tractors nor agricultural machines. Just horses, carts, and men with basic tools. Looked like history to us. There’s room for improvement, and a great potential of productivity…

Later we passed an impressive derelict industrial zone, with most building apparently in ruins. An amazing end-of-the-world movie set.

Hungary Hungarian Beats

I was again very lucky today. I arrived in Budapest right in time for Fesztival!

Irie Maffia was playing tonite. They are a local band, very popular here, and the stage performance was excellent!They sing in Hungarian and English, and have several lead singer including a black girl with an impressive voice.

I definitely recommend them, and go see them on stage if you get a chance.

Sadly, they seem to have no promo video on YouTube, so here’s a few more links to enjoy the Funky Reggae music:

Slovenia Slovene Playlist

When I designed this section of the blog, I never thought I would have so much content to put in it…

Last night, Daso introduced me to his friend Laura, and we spend the night listening to top Slovene hits… We really had a laugh… Now I’m sharing all these treasures with you! Continue reading