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Uzbekistan Kites in Nurata

Just before sunset, we climbed up the fortress build by Alexander the Great, or what’s left of it, just outside Nurata. Indeed the mud bricks have all melted back to dust, and it’s hard to tell the eroded mounds and heaps that people have been running on for centuries were once a fortress.

On top of the predominant mound, kids were flying their makeshift kites: a piece of corrugated cardboard with a fabric tail, and a string!


Uzbekistan Uzbekistrain

The locomotive was new, but the cars… not so new. They were in acceptable condition (legroom ok, and rather comfy seats), but the ageing air conditionning was struggling with the outside furnace. The train manager obliged us to shut all windows and blinds (on the sunny side) to save the energy, but air circulation with openened window would have probably been more refreshing.

So we were wet for three long hours, with the loud and saturated sound of a TV series in russian.

There is one fun fact about those trains, but I want to make it a little game. In those pictures, find one very unsual thing for us westerners. The winners gets a free ticket from Tashkent to Samarkand, worth 21 000 sums! :)

Azerbaijan Mud Volcanoes

I really had no idea where to look for. The bus driver left me on the side of the road in the middle of this desert, and pointed to the direction of a hill by the sea. It seemed about 5 kilometres away… I started walking among the pipelines…