About the trip

I caught the travel bug when I was a teenager. I could see the world through my TV thanks to satellite channels, I could browse and chat with the world on the Internet as early as 1995.

Then I started travelling, for real. What I enjoyed the most was backpack travel. Improvising, asking my way, meeting people, cultures and languages. I was really getting a kick out of that.

I was espacially stricken by my last two trips: Guatemala and Syria. They were both very special and intense in very different ways.

This was such an exhilarating experience, and I was feeling so much emotion by traveling, I decided to make this trip. Actually, it’s not just a trip, it’s a new way of living.


I have left my home in Paris in December 2011, finished all work by April 2012, and I am leaving France in just a few days for a journey that will take me in so many places, meeting so many people, that anything can happen. There is an initial planned itinerary, but any opportunity may alter it and make the trip a totally different one.

I have no job to return to, no deadline, nobody is waiting for me appart from my friends and family of course. My only limit is my budget, but then again, I would just have to work punctually, or a job opportunity might show up unexpectedly in any corner of this planet.

Well I think you get the point: wherever, whatever, whenever.

Meeting, sharing

My only purpose is to discover countries, cultures, people. Enjoy myself, and report it on this blog. I want to write, record, capture and share. I hope you will follow me and like what I do. You can interact with me by commenting on my posts, sending me messages, and you can come and meet me! Why not plan a holiday to join me and share a slice of adventure!

You can learn more about me by reading this French page, and contact me here with the contact form.

4 thoughts on “About the trip

  1. Steve

    Hello, I just happened to stop by your site while doing a search on gay life in Tashkent. I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post, and look forward to reading more! Like you, I stopped my career for a while to go travel, including central Asia, so I can understand your excitement. Maybe we can meet on the road some day.

    Steve, from San Francisco, USA

    1. leBigJay Post author

      Thanks for your nice message! I’m glad you decided to travel as a new career! I’ll be in Central America this summer!
      We’ll surely bump into each other one day!
      Jerome Alex.

  2. Kofi

    Keep going, if you still are. I’m in Barcelona and I stumbled on your site looking for gay (and black) elements of traveling in Eastern Europe. Don’t stop traveling.

    1. leBigJay Post author

      Hi Kofi!
      Thanks for your message.
      I am not currently travelling because I missed my friend and had good opportunities of work.
      Now my aim is to take my friends travelling!
      Happy travels to you! :)


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