Georgia Batumi to Tbilisi night train

I took the night train from Batumi to Tbilisi, Georgia, on a third attempt to leave the coastal city.

First, I had forgotten my laptop charger when I went to the mountains in Borjomi, and I to return to get it. I stayed a second weekend there and enjoyed the company of my new Georgian friends Eldar, Lika, and Nina.

I tried to leave on Sunday night with the trai, but missed it. I got off the bus to go to the market and buy food, then walked a little and got lost, then took a wrong Mashrutka (mini-bus), and then the right one, but arrived 15 minutes too late.

On Monday, the 2nd of July, in the company of Metal, a very nice Israeli girl, I finaly got the train.

The train 621 left at exactly 21:35 on this wet night. I just had the time to take a few pictures. I met the car steward who offered me some Coca-Cola in his compartment. He was really nice.

We arrive on time in Tbilisi the next morning, I had a horrible night as always on a sleeper train, and felt like shit all day… Although rather comfortable, the compartment was a bit small, and right above the wheels. It was rather noisy with massive thumping bangs and loud and worrying thuds…

General cleanliness was ok, but the toilets were in an undescribable condition of filth…

Practical details:

Train 621
Departing Batumi 21:35
Arriving 6:15 the next morning.

Cost: seat: EUR 7, 2nd class sleeper EUR 12, 1st class sleeper EUR 20.

2 thoughts on “Batumi to Tbilisi night train

  1. detruit liliane

    tu étais en premiere classe ?
    Le bruit me rappelle les trains de mon enfance.
    Ils ne connaissent ps encore les tags… unjob à monter.
    Si j’ai encore les doigts dans la confiture, ce message n’arrivera pas.
    Heureusement j’ai peut-etre le temps de comprenre ????


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