The beach in Burgas (I'm hiding the ice cream...!)

Bulgaria Bus from Burgas, BG to Istanbul, TR

Nisikli Travel runs three daily buses from Varna to Istanbul. I was boarding one of them in Burgas at 1300. It takes 7 hours to get to IST. The company Metro also operates the same route. Metro leaves from the Burgas train station, but Nisikli leaves from another place a 10-minute walk away from the station. This is what is a little annoying when you buy the ticket on the Nisikli website. They tell you the routes by city names, but there is no mention as where exactly the bus station is. So good luck finding it, and hope pray it’s not at the other end of the city from your origin/destination.

In my case, Burgas isn’t very big, and there was a pretty good chance the bus would leave from the train station. I had planned to arrive in Burgas an hour and a half before just to make sure. But at the train station, I could only find Metro amongst all the many companies and buses going everywhere. I asked at the Eurolines desk, and they kindly gave me directions. The Nisikli bus stop is a 10-minute walk from the train station by the main road towards the seafront park and casino. It’s located next to Hotel Luxor.

When I got there, there was another hour and fifteen minutes left, so I left my bag and when for a walk and light lunch. The centre of Burgas is a long pedestrian street that leads to a park by the black see, and the beach. The street, the park and the seafront were actually very nice! I had a slice of pizza, a coffee and an ice cream with what remained of my Levas, and after a short walk in a very hot sunshine, I got to the Nisikli bus stop.

The bus arrived on time (1306) . It’s a very modern and comfortable Mercedes-Benz coach, with steward and on-board service. Perfect for a seven hour ride…!

Company: Nisikli
Transport: Bus
Origin: Burgas, BG
Destination: Istanbul, TR
Departure: 1300
Arrival: 2000
Frequency: daily
Cost: YTL75.00

16 thoughts on “Bus from Burgas, BG to Istanbul, TR

  1. Oil

    I just stumbled on your page when looking for info on where this bus leaves Burgas from – I’m so happy you detailed the bit about Niskili bus stop! I will be taking this bus on the 16th Sept at 14:00 to go to Istanbul. Also, nowhere could I find how long it took! Thanks for this. Would you say this bus route and service is pretty safe? (I’m a young woman travelling alone). Good luck on your further travels.

    1. leBigJay Post author

      Hello Oli!
      Thanks for your message!
      Absolutely to problem for a single woman! Totally safe! You should be sitting next to a woman as they have a very strict gender policy. You should get around 8pm in the new huge bus station. It’s very busy and bustling, but it should be hassle free. Just get straight to the metro station!
      Have a nice trip!

      1. Oil

        Thanks for the reply!
        Is there a huge new bus station that the coach arrives at? ….or do you just mean Buyuk Otogar Istanbul (Esenler)?? You see, I have a connecting bus early next morning to Ankara, so I had hoped to check into the Lider Otel (which is on the Buyuk otogar campus, so to speak) as it seemed a nice comfy hotel with good reviews!

  2. Svetlana

    Thank you! Your notes are very helpful. They save time and nerves to us travelling from Sunny Beach to Istanbul. Good luck! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Ola

    i read your informations and it is very helpful for me ;) but i have one problem i will be in bourgas at 13.25 and at 14.00 i have bus to istanbul. is it possible to catch the bus at this time? i m planning that i will go by taxi from the airport.

    1. leBigJay Post author

      Hi! It’s generaly unsafe to plan such a short connection. Flight delays, bagage claim, airport orientation, taxi availability, possible traffic… I would say that 35 minutes is absurdly to short. It all depends on luck then…

      1. Ola

        thank you for your answer. i know that is crazy but the next bus i have at 22.30. maybe you know another company which is going to istanbul, except nisikli? :)

  4. Sandy

    I would avoid this bus company at all costs! I took the Nisikli bus from Varna Bulgaria to Istanbul last weekend. First, I choose this company over their competition “Metro” because they claim on their website that the seats recline and they give you a pillow and blanket, and that they have wifi and televisions at every seat… So I thought, well this sounds ok.
    First, the seats don’t recline, and there is no pillow or blanket. Second, there is no wifi, third, there are tv’ sat each seat, but they don’t work. When you ask the attendant on the bus (who speaks as much English as it suits him to, depending on the situation, how to make them come on, he just makes a face at you and shrugs. His tv works, and that’s all that matters to him. Other passengers who could speak English let me know that the televisions at the passenger seats don’t work.

    The worst part of the trip though, is that the bus attendant is a thief. My mother had her iPhone out taking pictures during our ride, then put it in the seat back when she took a nap. When she woke up, it was gone. We asked the bus attendant about her iPhone, and he smirked at us and made gestures indicating that she had been sleeping. I let him know that someone sleeping on an overnight bus doesn’t mean that it’s ok to rob them, he replied that we should call the police… Then just laughed.
    I tried to make a police report but of course the people at the police station at the bus stop don’t speak English either.

    The company doesn’t care. People in the office can speak English to different degrees until you say that someone stole something, then no one can speak anything but Turkish. This morning I called my mother’s phone, and a familiar voice said ” Istanbul, no English”. So obviously he had the phone and was using it because it was almost dead when she was taking pictures and someone had bought a charger and charged it.

    I called AT&T this morning to report it stolen and cancel the line so they couldn’t rack up charges.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, I would tell anyone who doesn’t speak fluent Turkish to avoid this bus line. They are obviously happy to rob a tourist if they get a chance because they know that we can do much about it.

  5. Timea

    Hello, I booked online my ticket from Burgas to Istanbul, is it enough to know the booking code or where can pick the ticket up?

    Thank you for helping

    1. leBigJay Post author

      Hi! In Burgas there is an office where you have to collect your ticket from. It’s located on blvd. bulair, within walking distance from the train station, on the right hand side. Good luck.


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