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The north entrance of the gorge, with a surprisingly flat plateau.

China Trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge and on to Shangri-La

On the train from Dali to Lijiang, I met David, a French backpacker on the road since January. We were both heading to Lijiang for the same reason: trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the main attraction in Yunnan. None of us had fixed plans, and we were on the same page as to playing by ear. We decided we would do the trek together. Continue reading

Public sign in the streets of Lijiang Old Town. Self Explenatory

China Lijiang, Chinese Disneyland

Lijiang Old Town is the perfect example of spoiled heritage.

It was so meticulously redone, with so many shops, restaurants, colours, and it is now so overcrowded (I was there during the Golden Week, probably the worst time as the whole of China is on holiday!) that this place is a pure nightmare. NOTHING ELSE but plain horror.

This sign says it all, and it is all I am going to show. By “keep civilized behaviour” the authorities mean: please do not SPIT! Well, I don’t know about preventing a shopping frenzy, but regarding spitting, this sign as no effect!


Spend more time in Dali Old town instead. Million times cuter and more interesting!


The 'leader', when I blew my cover.

China Shanghai Tea Festival

There is something going on in Shanghai… everyone wants to invite you for tea… they are really so friendly… or not…?!

Learn more about it in this special audio feature. Duration 7’16.

Yuyuan Garden

China Living Spam!

Le touriste, l’occidental est constamment sollicité dans les rues commerçantes de Shanghai. Montres, sacs, chaussures et bien plus encore… Ces petites personnes chinoises qui vous collent pour vous proposer leur camelotte avec insistance est un véritable harcelement. Je les ai appelé les Spam vivants !

C’est absolument fascinant cette capacité qu’ont les chinois à ne pas se lasser, et à subir tout et n’importe quoi dans une indéfectible indifférence… des vrais machines! Cette pratique en est un bon exemple.

Je vous propose une petite expérience sonore, certes un peu longues (5 minutes), mais c’est dans la longueur que ca devient comique. Je me suis amusé à faire durer, avec une large référence aux Monty Pythons, bien sûr…!


China Shanghai Street Art

Street art is rare in Shanghai. The Chinese are probably too strict and the police is watching closely. Only one long wall bears graffiti, and it’s in this place that was developed an art centre… well, then Chinese way… so the result resembles more like an Art Gallery Mall than a creative place for art. It’s called M50, because it’s located at 50 Moganshan Road.

The wall was threatened to be taken down two years ago because of a construction project, but it’s still there, for the moment. Behind this wall lays a wasteland, and beyond that, as you can see on the pictures, loom very high apartment blocks. From the density of those housings you can tell the property prices are very high, and days are certainly numbered for this wall.