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Two Rivers Lake

United States Premiers pas dans les Rocheuses

Les Rocheuses… un mythe ! Que ce soit pour ses reliefs, sa faune, sa neige légendaire, les X games, ou le classique « The Other Side of Aspen », les rocheuses ont toujours été pour moi une source de fantasmes et de fascination. J’ai enfin pu bravé ses voies que je pensais impénétrables… mais c’est les états unis… ! Continue reading

Sault-Ste-Marie, park by the harbour on the US side, with a view on the Canadian side across the river

Canada Crossing the border from Canada to the USA, from Ontario to Michigan at Sault-Ste-Marie

Sault-Ste-Marie is both in Ontario and Michigan, but look totally different on either side. The only thing they have in common is the nickname: the ‘Soo’. The border is formed by river St-Mary that flows from Lake Superior to the North Channel of the Lake Huron. A long suspended bridge can take you across. Continue reading

Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Canada Bruce peninsula: where the Grizzly bear is hiding

When I told people in Toronto I was heading to the Bruce peninsula, most of them had no clue what it was. Getting there was a little difficult and costly, but I got more that I bargained for. If you like nature, hiking, swimming in pristine water, nice white sandy beaches or more rocky coves; well get ready because it has all to offer… Continue reading

Skatepark au Parc Desmarteaux dans mon quartier de Rosemont. Pour plus tard, j'en suis pas encore la...

Canada Mon moi(s) à Montréal

Arrivé le 24 juin, je m’apprête à quitter le belle province de Québec ce vendredi pour commencer mon périple d’un mois à travers une petite partie du Canada et des USA. J’ai passé un mois à Montréal à apprivoiser la ville, tenter de comprendre le Québec et les Québecois. Je vais tenter de faire un bref résumer ici de mon expérience. Continue reading

Georgia Crossing the Georgia-Azerbaijan border at Lagodekhi

There is a 4km walk or taxi ride from the town of Lagodekhi to the border. On the Georgian side, there are shops with drinks and food, and you change change money easily.

This passage is not very busy, and crossing on foot was rather fast. But on the Azerbaijan side, there is NOTHING! Absolute desert! No shop, no currency exchange There is a mashrutka though that will take you to Qax if you have money!

I had to let the mashrutka go as it was already crammed with people. After a short wait I got a ridiculous offer from a private driver to take me to Zakatalan for AZN 20 (=EUR 20), which I obviously tried to negociate to AZN 10, but he refused.

Eventually I turned to taxis which were coming and going from time to time regurlarly, and offered AZN 10 for the ride to Zakatalan. It was accepted too quickly, and I cursed myself for being such a bad bargainer… Nevertheless, I really needed to get to the city to exchange or draw money, so this was a comfortable option. Here I went in one of those magical Lada 2107…