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Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Canada Bruce peninsula: where the Grizzly bear is hiding

When I told people in Toronto I was heading to the Bruce peninsula, most of them had no clue what it was. Getting there was a little difficult and costly, but I got more that I bargained for. If you like nature, hiking, swimming in pristine water, nice white sandy beaches or more rocky coves; well get ready because it has all to offer… Continue reading

Skatepark au Parc Desmarteaux dans mon quartier de Rosemont. Pour plus tard, j'en suis pas encore la...

Canada Mon moi(s) à Montréal

Arrivé le 24 juin, je m’apprête à quitter le belle province de Québec ce vendredi pour commencer mon périple d’un mois à travers une petite partie du Canada et des USA. J’ai passé un mois à Montréal à apprivoiser la ville, tenter de comprendre le Québec et les Québecois. Je vais tenter de faire un bref résumer ici de mon expérience. Continue reading

The north entrance of the gorge, with a surprisingly flat plateau.

China Trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge and on to Shangri-La

On the train from Dali to Lijiang, I met David, a French backpacker on the road since January. We were both heading to Lijiang for the same reason: trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the main attraction in Yunnan. None of us had fixed plans, and we were on the same page as to playing by ear. We decided we would do the trek together. Continue reading

China Tiger Leaping Gorge, and on to Shangri-La, Yunnan

On the map you can see the trail of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan. There are markers for each day.

For this adventure, I teamed with a French guy, David, whom I met on the train from Dali to Lijiang. We decided to do the trek together. We were joined by two Belgians on the second day. They left us when the trail ends, back to the main road. David and I continued on the road, heading North to Shangri La. The road was really long and not so interesting. We ended up hitch hiking to go faster. We reached Haba to spend the third night. The following day (not on the map), we took a bus to Changri-La.

Check out the story and the pictures on the post (coming soon).

Public sign in the streets of Lijiang Old Town. Self Explenatory

China Lijiang, Chinese Disneyland

Lijiang Old Town is the perfect example of spoiled heritage.

It was so meticulously redone, with so many shops, restaurants, colours, and it is now so overcrowded (I was there during the Golden Week, probably the worst time as the whole of China is on holiday!) that this place is a pure nightmare. NOTHING ELSE but plain horror.

This sign says it all, and it is all I am going to show. By “keep civilized behaviour” the authorities mean: please do not SPIT! Well, I don’t know about preventing a shopping frenzy, but regarding spitting, this sign as no effect!


Spend more time in Dali Old town instead. Million times cuter and more interesting!