China Steel and Tin Workers in the Streets of Urumqi

The soundtrack could have been composed by Bjork, but it’s authentic! In the streets of Urumqi, Uighurts workers make furniture, tools, ovens with steel and tin. They perform their art right outside in the street. I found the show spectacular, and stopped to admire, and record. Play the attached sound above, and watch the slideshow! [...]

Singing in central Park, Urumqi, China

China Ah… the sound of China!

When visiting Urumqi, I walked in the central park: People’s Park. Well it really is People’s Park… mid afternoon, on a sunny Tuesday, lots of people were hanging out, playing Mah-jong, chatting, playing music, or just spitting around… despite the important mix of both Uigurts (the local central Asian ethnics) and Hans (the real Chinese), the park was predominantly crowded with ‘Chinese’. [...]


China Shanghai Street Art

Street art is rare in Shanghai. The Chinese are probably too strict and the police is watching closely. Only one long wall bears graffiti, and it’s in this place that was developed an art centre… well, then Chinese way… so the result resembles more like an Art Gallery Mall than a creative place for art. It’s called M50, [...]

Yuyuan Garden

China Living Spam!

Le touriste, l’occidental est constamment sollicité dans les rues commerçantes de Shanghai. Montres, sacs, chaussures et bien plus encore… Ces petites personnes chinoises qui vous collent pour vous proposer leur camelotte avec insistance est un véritable harcelement. Je les ai appelé les Spam vivants ! C’est absolument fascinant cette capacité qu’ont les chinois à ne [...]


China Homolab: Homosexual and Human Rights in Central Asia

I researched on the situation in Central Asia, and reported for London’s best gay news and reviews podcast Homolab. I interviewed a 23 year old gay in Uzbekistan, and Syinat Sultanalieva talking for the LGBT group Labrys in Kyrgyzstan. This comes as a supplement to my original article posted here: The Gay situation in Central Asia [...]