France … around the world…

objectif(s): découverte, rencontres, faire durer tant que possible, et arriver enfin à m’installer ailleurs qu’à Paris. Un voyage, un départ, mais pas d’arrivée. Pas de retour en tout cas. COUP DE PIED AU CUL Depuis un bon nombre d’année, peut-être cinq ou six, je dis à chaque ‘rentrée’ que je ne veux plus passer l’hiver [...]

France Visa Uzbekistan

Probably the most expansive Visa I’ve ever bought… EUR80 for a maximum of 30 days, and they would only take a check! Moreover there is one other condition to comply with: print out a form from the Website with a bar code and reference. They wouldn’t take any other application form. Plus one photo ID [...]

France Visa Kazakhstan

Cool! A cheap Visa! EUR35 only! No invitation required, only a form to fill out, no photo ID to provide, really cool! But the best thing was that I could keep my passport and go straight to the next Embassy to have two Visas made at the same time! I just saved about 10 days [...]

France La course aux formalités

Jeudi 10 mai 2012. Aujourd’hui à Paris il fait très chaud. Je sais depuis mardi dernier que mon Visa est prêt à l’ambassade d’Ouzbekistan. Je prévois donc de le passer de l’Ouzbekistan au Kazakhstan en un coup de pédale. Départ de Nation, de chez Catherine qui m’héberge, direction le triangle d’or…

France Visa Azerbaijan

Probably the hardest one to get. Asides from rare consulate opening hours, there is still need for a Visa Support, also called Letter of Invitation. This invitation can be obtained by booking hotels (for every single nights within the requested dates), or by bribing a travel agency to issue a fake but official voucher. This [...]

Café de l'Industrie, mon spot café wifi favori à Paris!

France Ouverture du blog

At last! After two months designing and developing my perfect travel blog, you can at last click on it! For those of you who didn’t know it, I am about to set off for a trip around the world. In fact it’s more a new way of life that just a trip. You can learn [...]

France Already Gone!

I know, this is cheap musical taste. But actually, I like it! And the lyrics kind of perfectly fit my current situation! Now try and catch me, if you can!

France I Will Follow Him

Tonight was a very special night for me. I had the chance to be with some of my dearest friends in Paris (check out the pic in Paris Friends post), but also to go to my favourite bar to party: Rosa Bonheur. At the end of the night, I went for a last drink with [...]

Ponte Vecchio - Florence

France A Driver Who Knows The Way

Today is the big day. It is so special, that it had to start really early. 3:30am, no joke. What a long and great day this was. My parents had just moved in their new home by the Riviera. I had joined them after a short holiday with friends in Ardèche. Their first day in [...]