Slovenia Open your ears to Slovenia

Here again in Ljubljana, my host has been so friendly. We spent the first night on his balcony with his flatmates. He was telling me about his home eastern region, close to the border with Hungary, where the speak a dialect. He then played this song to me. Regina sings in this dialect. I loved [...]

Slovenia Lakes and National Park in Slovenia

Today my host Dašo borrowed his brother’s car to take me to see the northern lake and mountains in the Triglav National Park. Triglav means Three-Headed, this is the name of the hightest mountain of Slovenia, the national symbol found on the Slovenian Flag.

Slovenia Slovene Playlist

When I designed this section of the blog, I never thought I would have so much content to put in it… Last night, Daso introduced me to his friend Laura, and we spend the night listening to top Slovene hits… We really had a laugh… Now I’m sharing all these treasures with you! Eurovision fans, [...]

L'un des quatre dragons gardant le pont traversant la Ljubljanica

Slovenia Ljubljana et bien plus encore…

Après un peu plus d’une heure trente, le bus s’arrête sur une petite place face a un bâtiment sur lequel sont inscrits les mots « Železniška Posta ». La Poste ? Non, peut-être plutôt une gare. Pas sûr. Il était annoncé deux heures de trajet de Trieste, je me réveille à peine, j’ai du mal [...]

Slovenia Ljubljana to Budapest by train

There is one daily direct train for Ljubljana, Slovenia to Budapest, Hungary. It leaves at 8:40am and arrives at 17:45. Second class ticket costs EUR 39, which I found rather cheap compared to the EUR 43 ticket from Florence to Mestre. Yes, you calculated right: 9-hour train ride! That seems really long. This is when [...]