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Mud Volcanoes
Azerbaijan Wednesday 18 July 2012 at 22:46
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Mud Volcanoes

Here they are, the Mud Volcanoes… There are dozens in the region, but the bus driver left me on the side of the road, pointing to this hill close to the sea. This is not usually the spot tourists get to see. I was a little afraid at first I would have to walk an hour across the desert to get to a place that may not be the one.

But I decided to follow the local’s advice. So I started walking in this desert, among the many pipelines. This is when I heard the pipelines. They make a very eery sound. It’s like waves of liquid rushing oneafter another within the pipes. You can hear them moving, it’s fascinting.

On my way to the volcanoes, it was around noon, and the sun was hiding behind a slight haze that was making it mild, and perfectly bearable for the walk. I first got to this pretty big crater, in the middle of which I saw my first mud volcano. It wasn’t very impresive, but it got me even more excited. I kept on walking to the main hill, on top of which this big volcano was sitting.

Here’s the detailed map of the little hike

I climbed up the volcano. This was it! A big mud puker. The flow of mud was constant, with occasional burps and splashes. From the top, I had a view over the Caspian sea in the background, and a few other smaller volcanoes all around. Amazing. I stood there observing them, one by one. They all had their differences: big or small, more or less regurgigating, making more or less explicit noises. From the long and hollow one, you could hear the ‘gaz’ gurgling all the way from below the ground up to the surface… very amusing!

I took those pictures and video.

Later, when I decided to move back, the sky had clear and the early afternoon sun was hitting hard. My water level was also getting low and I obviously hadn’t taken any food with me excpet for those few tomatoes.

Before going back to th emain road, I decided to see the sea from closer. When I arrived close to the shore, I had the suprise to suddenly hear and sea four dogs barking like mad and running after me… In this desert land, I had nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, nothing to defend myself. I was just scared. One of them was really aggressive, and stood just two meters away, showing out all fangs, and barking, barking… the three others remained in the distance at first, but decided to jump in the action after a while, and in a few seconds, they were all surrounding me, barking!

I was standing still. Not moving. When I would try to make a slight step aside, they would become even more aggressive. I saw the first one was looking at my leg, ready to bite it!
I was starting to wonder what I would do if I’d got bitten?! There was absolutely noone aroun.. Phone emergency, in Azeri? Walk back to the main road jumping on one leg?! I was freaked out. It was the first time I was getting in a very frightening situation on my trip…

I felt it lasted for ages… and suddenly, they all stopped barking, and went away. I don’t know why. I hadn’t done anything. They just left, without even turning back… I was safe. Shaking and terrified, but safe… But then I realized they went away in the direction I was supposed to go back to the road… After taking a few pictures of the place, I started walking back towards the road, paying attention not to meet my new ‘friends’… By chance I ddin’t meet them again, and the only injury I got away with were sun burnts…!

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