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Bulgaria Monday 11 June 2012 at 11:09

Chalga! This is the most popular music here in Bulgaria!

It’s a blend of Balkan, Turkish, Arabic influences. But mainly, it’s commercial popular dance music for bars, clubs, radio.

This is the music that will put the dancefloor on fire on a Saturday night on the black sea coast this summer. Since the 1980s, this music has grown more and more popular each year, evolving with trends, integrating some rap and hip-hop influences.

All the locals I have met litteraly hate chalga…

There’s a good thing about this music: “Chalga could also deal openly with more provocative displays of sex, money, gay culture. Azis, a gay icon played a great role in popularizing the genre internationally as a typical Bulgarian music.” (in Wikipedia article)

There are many websites and radio stations dedicated to Chalga. If you would like to dive deeper into Chalga Music, you could start with those:

Chalga Tube http://www.hits.chalgatube.com/

Radio Veselina http://www.radioveselina.bg/


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