United Kingdom Standing At A Crossroads…

… and contemplating all possible roads.

After a slight diversion in my travel, that included a short seasonaire job in a ski resort in the French Alps and one month in Paris, I am now posted in London.

It’s good to be back here, with some time ahead to work out different options for the future.
I left France with only my bag, riding a newly bought bicycle, and crashed here with my friends in Kennington. They will be sharing their house with me for one month, for a start.

One month during which I am trying to find a job. “What? a job? What about your travels?”, I hear you say with a flabbergasted tone. Well after travelling 6 months last year and being a nomad for one year and a half now, I feel I need to work again. Yes, work. The month I spent in Paris working with Attitude Travels relaunching the website (, yes, yes, it’s a very good site, thank you) was such an exciting experience, it made me realised I was missing collaborative work, a team life, and a long term shared project. And I really love the travel industry, and tour operator business. On another hand, I have travelled enough on this first expedition to quench my thirst for adventure — for the time being…

So yes, I am looking for a job in travel, preferably for a sports/adventure-orientated tour operator. For this purpose I have updated my profile on LinkedIn, and registered on several website specializing in travel: C&M recruitment, Prospect4Travel, Reed, amoungst other?

If a good opportunity arises, I would be very glad to settle down here for a while, enjoy the work experience, and loving the London life, which, BTW, is not far from Paris…!

But if I don’t find the perfect job, I will savour other pleasures, of course. I have a plane ticket booked to travel from Dublin to Montreal on the 24th of June. If nothing’s happened job-wise by mid June, I would get on with my original plans: visit Liz in Dublin to celebrate the summer and our retrouvailles, and then travel the Americas from North to South.

Alright dear friends and followers, I will keep this as short as possible, I just wanted to update you with the situation, and draw your attention to this new design, which I hope you will find more easy to navigate and search.


One thought on “Standing At A Crossroads…

  1. detruit liliane

    grrrr je suis partie faire une petite ballade dans le Lubéron et je n’ai pas pris mon dico anglais…
    le sous titre est de toi ou est-ce une citation. Est-ce l’explication de ta travel “manie”
    Moi je n’ai pas fui mais je crois bien ne jamais avoir l’âge de raison. mais au fond faut-il l’avoir ??
    J’espère que tu vac trouver un “work” d ‘enfer..
    Je t’embrasse


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