Lost between infantile and senile, travelling around the world never to find the age of reason.
Croissement sur la ligne Kashgar - Urumqi dans le Xinjiang
China Monday 15 October 2012
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Le train est un moyen de transport très populaire en Chine. Le réseau est particulièrement bien développé, et en constante évolution. Le gouvernement s’est fixé comme priorité de généraliser les trians à grande vitesse. Read the story

The north entrance of the gorge, with a surprisingly flat plateau.
China Thursday 11 October 2012
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On the train from Dali to Lijiang, I met David, a French backpacker on the road since January. We were both heading to Lijiang for the same reason: trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the main attraction in Yunnan. None of us had fixed plans, and we were on the same page as to playing by ear. We decided we would do the trek together. Read the story

Busy shopping street of Nanjing in Shanghai
China Saturday 6 October 2012
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C’est fou ce que sont capables d’endurer les Chinois de ce qui pour nous, Occidentaux, relève de l’inconfort, du désagrément, voire de la torture.

L’environnement sonore, le bruit est particulièrement remarquable et représentatif. Tout fait du bruit. Chaque objet, chaque action. Read the story

China Wednesday 26 September 2012
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I researched on the situation in Central Asia, and reported for London’s best gay news and reviews podcast Homolab.

I interviewed a 23 year old gay in Uzbekistan, and Syinat Sultanalieva talking for the LGBT group Labrys in Kyrgyzstan. Read the story

Going to Irkenshtam, enjoying a friendly conversation in Russian, and a nice beer
Kyrgyzstan Thursday 6 September 2012
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After finishing editing the Labrys interview and sending the file to my friends at Homolab, I was at last ready to leave Bishkek. On top of the first week when I entered Kyrgyzstan, I had just spent another two weeks in the capital. Enough! I’d had a good time and was happy with the work I’d done, but a fortnight at the Sakura guest house, I had enough! Besides, the nights were getting cold and the days shorter. It was as if the changing weather was urging me to move on. Read the story

Drying cheese bag, the yurt and the lake
Kyrgyzstan Wednesday 29 August 2012
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Community Based Tourism (CBT) claims to be socially sustainable tourism, emphasizing community well-being over individual profit, supporting local development. Well, I have been a customer of CBT, and have been talking with other tourists who also used their services. The reality opens to a different perspective… Read the story

Kyrgyzstan railway 'network'
Kyrgyzstan Monday 27 August 2012
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While travelling to lake Issyk Kul, I had notice the rail track along the road. On my way back, I saw a passenger train circulating. This tickled my curiosity. What’s the railway situation in Kyrgyzstan? To find the answer, I decided to visit the station in the capital: Bishkek-2. Read the story

Pegman also did the trek with me, but he decided to stay...
Kyrgyzstan Friday 17 August 2012
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I arrived in Karakol with the idea of trekking for just a few days. Not being properly equipped, I had to find a tent, and be able to leave a baggage somewhere to leave with only the minimum necessary. But most importantly, I needed to know WHAT to do, and HOW, and was hoping to find people to do it with… this means: information, a map, a trail, and company! Read the story

Kyrgyzstan Sunday 12 August 2012
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My trip took me to Georgia, Azerbaijan, and to central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and I’m now in Kyrgyzstan.

Homosexuality was legalized in 1998 in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, then followed Georgia and Azerbaijan in 2000, but is still illegal in Uzbekistan. To be more specific, what the law from the former Soviet Union mentions is anal sexual act between men. Women are not concerned. Today, Only Georgia has a law specificaly banning discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation. Read the story

Anne Cécile vient d'arriver, à Tashkent
Uzbekistan Friday 3 August 2012
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Vacances !

Après avoir été rejoint par Anne-Cécile, je me suis mis en mode vacances !
Première chose, je n’étais plus tout seul, et non plus seulement avec des rencontres éphémères; mais avec une amie. Read the story