I left my home country, France, on the 27th of May 2012 for a long journey across the world. No goal, No return.

Along the way, I meet people, I see things, and I hear music!
Sometimes it’s local stuff, and sometimes it’s some international shit you can hear anywhere. But a place, a sound, an experience make a memory.
The posts on this page are the stories of memories linked to songs, or just the account of a nice musical encounter…

Petrol… couldn’t be more Azeri!
Azerbaijan Saturday 14 July 2012
Turkish Popular Music
Turkey Wednesday 13 June 2012

I continue exploring local hit or folk popular music. This morning at the barber shop, the TV was on the local top 40 music station NR1.

Here’s an example of a succesfull hit from a local singer…

Bulgaria Monday 11 June 2012

Chalga! This is the most popular music here in Bulgaria!

It’s a blend of Balkan, Turkish, Arabic influences. But mainly, it’s commercial popular dance music for bars, clubs, radio.

This is the music that will put the dancefloor on fire on a Saturday night on the black sea coast this summer. Since the 1980s, this music has grown more and more popular each year, evolving with trends, integrating some rap and hip-hop influences.

All the locals I have met litteraly hate chalga…

There’s a good thing about this music: “Chalga could also deal openly with more provocative displays of sex, money, gay culture. Azis, a gay icon played a great role in popularizing the genre internationally as a typical Bulgarian music.” (in Wikipedia article)

There are many websites and radio stations dedicated to Chalga. If you would like to dive deeper into Chalga Music, you could start with those:

Chalga Tube http://www.hits.chalgatube.com/

Radio Veselina http://www.radioveselina.bg/


Hungarian Beats
Hungary Saturday 2 June 2012

I was again very lucky today. I arrived in Budapest right in time for Fesztival!

Irie Maffia was playing tonite. They are a local band, very popular here, and the stage performance was excellent!They sing in Hungarian and English, and have several lead singer including a black girl with an impressive voice.

I definitely recommend them, and go see them on stage if you get a chance.

Sadly, they seem to have no promo video on YouTube, so here’s a few more links to enjoy the Funky Reggae music:


Slovene Playlist
Slovenia Friday 1 June 2012

When I designed this section of the blog, I never thought I would have so much content to put in it…

Last night, Daso introduced me to his friend Laura, and we spend the night listening to top Slovene hits… We really had a laugh… Now I’m sharing all these treasures with you! Read the story

Open your ears to Slovenia
Slovenia Wednesday 30 May 2012

Here again in Ljubljana, my host has been so friendly.

We spent the first night on his balcony with his flatmates. He was telling me about his home eastern region, close to the border with Hungary, where the speak a dialect. He then played this song to me. Regina sings in this dialect. I loved the music, the atmosphere of the video and this is the first real typical music I post in the section.

Already Gone!
France Friday 18 May 2012

I know, this is cheap musical taste. But actually, I like it! And the lyrics kind of perfectly fit my current situation!

Now try and catch me, if you can!

Wye Oak – Civilian
United Kingdom Wednesday 16 May 2012

Thanks Daniel for this really sweet song, and the moment that came along with it.